Let your Dreams be our Project!

My Home is one of Kerala's most renowned building businesses, providing comprehensive solutions to your construction needs. Our staff works on turn-key projects of all sizes, whether they are for individuals, social housing agencies, companies, commercial dealers or communities.

We are well-equipped to provide the following services for any construction projects that we undertake:

Construction Services

Every project has its own set of needs, including the need to stay on schedule, reduce safety risks for personnel, and keep expenses within budget. Technical knowledge in construction management assistance is critical to making this a reality. Every stage of the construction timeline benefits from the additional value of local expertise as well as overall expert services.

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Interior Designs

Interior design is more than just aesthetics. It is about developing innovative design explications for interior spaces while assisting the occupant’s health, safety, and well-being and improving their quality of life. Our interior design team is talented, pleasant, approachable, and completely dedicated to delivering the greatest design solution possible for any given project, whether it is a private house, office, hotel etc.

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Remedial or Repairing services

My Home has over 22 years of expertise responding to the most complex repair demands, and we have the answers to guarantee assets remain durable, safe, and visually beautiful. Because of our extensive industry expertise, we are recognised as industry pioneers in the creation and evolution of remedial construction solutions. Our technical expertise and site-specific approach to remedial construction have helped us to consistently deliver great outcomes when repairing.

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Maintenance Services

My Home ASP Group of Construction Company is considered as one of the best budget priced maintenance service providers in Kerala. We are confident in our long-term commitment to and continued growth in this industry, and we take great care to ensure the quality of each of our building projects. We prefer to be a "one-stop shop" for all of our clients' maintenance needs. We compete fiercely but equitably.

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